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1. Major Indicators of Social Development
[Category] : Community ยป General [Region] : National
[Collected Time] : 11/2010[Source] : China Social Statistical Yearbook 2010
[Statistics Keys] : Education/New Students Enrollment/ Postgraduates/Regular Higher Education/ Adult Higher Education/Secondary Vocational Education/Regular Senior Secondary Schools / Regular Junior Secondary Schools/Primary Schools/Students Enrollment/Postgraduates /Regular Higher Education/Adult Higher Education/Secondary Vocational Education/ Regular Senior Secondary Schools/ Regular Junior Secondary Schools/Primary Schools/Graduates /Postgraduates/Regular Higher Education/Adult Higher Education/Secondary Vocational Education/ Regular Senior Secondary Schools/Regular Junior Secondary Schools/Primary Schools/Total Funds for Education/Percentage of Government Appropriation for Education to GDP/Culture/Arts Performance Troupes/Public Libraries/Museums /General Archives /Number of Published Books /Number of Published Newspapers/Number of Published Magazines /Printed Copies of Books /Printed Copies of Newspapers/Printed Copies of Magazines/Number of Feature Films /Production of TV Programs/Health/Number of Health Institutions/Hospitals and Health Centers/Number of Beds in Hospitals and Health Centers /Medical and Technical Personnel/Certified(Assistant)Doctors/Registered Nurses/Number of Certified(Assistant)Doctors per 1 000 Population /Expenditure for Public Health/Percentage of Expenditure for Public Health to GDP/Sports/World Championships Won by Chinese Athletes /World Records Broken by Chinese Athletes /Social Welfare/Beds of Adopting Welfare Institutions/Social Welfare Enterprises /Number of Persons Receiving Subsistence / Allowance in Urban Areas /Number of Persons Receiving Subsistence/ Allowance in Rural Areas/Number of Community Service Facilities /Operating Costs of Civil Affairs/Percentage of Operating Costs of Civil/Affairs to Government Expenditure/Public Security, Procuratorial,Legal and Judicial Affairs/Number of Criminal Cases Registered in Public Security Organs /Number of Offense Cases Against Public Order/Handled by Public Security Organs /Number of Cases under
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reports) Result Pages:  1 
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