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About us
Chinastatistics.net is owned by Sunrill Information Limited, a Hong Kong registered company with headquarter in Hong Kong, Server in US and Customer service & Delivery center in Shenzhen, China. After debut of Chinabookshop.net, a online platform for circulating China's publications oversea, Chinastatistics.net is the second online platform developed by Sunrill Information Limited that dedicates to provide China-based statistical reports to the professional community. Chinastatistics.net is your center for China statistics.
We offer
Chinastatistics.net offers the latest, most comprehensive, and one of the largest sources of China-based statistical reports to executives, bankers, librarians, industry analysts, consultants, academics, and researchers. Our statistical reports are collected from China's most up-to-date statistical yearbooks, custom tariff, market research reports, directories, yellow pages, regulations and laws, business reference books, etc. Chinastatistics.net meets your every need for the latest China-based statistics.
We promise

  • Authorized
    In cooperate with China’s major publishers, government organs, consultancies and agencies, Chinastatistics.net is a reliable website to provide China’s statistical reports. All statistical reports on Chinastatistics.net are collected from authorized sources which are 100% accurate and official.

  • Comprehensive
    Chinastatistics.net covers latest statistical data in most industries and regions in China. Our statistical reports are updated timely and frequently.

  • Responsible
    Our customer service representatives will respond to you within 24 hours after you send over any enquiry.

  • Flexible
    Chinastatistics.net's statistical reports can be either viewed online or downloaded in electronic format to your local computer. It's convenient and flexible to use.

  • Satisfied
    Chinastatistics.net has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied due to any undelivered issue, we will refund your money at any time.
  • Our customers
    Customers of Chinastatistics.net come from all over the world. They represent not only individuals but also universities and research centers, financial institutions, business libraries, service providers, foreign subsidiaries, joint ventures and representatives, exporters and importers, industry chambers, trade associations, embassies, and any group that are interested in statistical data across China.
    Our offices
    Our offices are designated to provide you with the most convenient, cost-effective and safest shopping environment.
    • Hong Kong - Headquarter
      Chinastatistics.net is owned and maintained by Sunrill Information Limited, which is a Hong Kong registered company.

    • United States - Sever Location
      With the goal to provide our customers with a secure, stable and convenient shopping environment, Chinastatistics.net server is located in the United State, supervised by a top professional IT company in the industry.

    • Shenzhen, China - Customer Service Center & Delivery Center
      Our customer service center and delivery center locate in Shenzhen, aim at offering you the best selling and shipping service.

    • Beijing, China - Representative Office
      Our representative office in Beijing is always keeping an eye on China's market, updating us with the latest China-based statistical information.

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