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1. Unemployed Persons by Occupation (Prior to Unemployment)
[Category] : Population » Employment » Unemployment [Region] : Hong Kong
[Collected Time] : 11/2010[Source] : China Population and Employment Statistics Yearbook 2010
[Statistics Keys] : Total /Legislators,Senior Officials and Managers /Professionals /Technicians and Associate/Professionals/Clerks/Service Workers and Shop and Market Sales/Workers/Skilled Agricultural and Fishery Workers/Craft and Related Trade Workers /Plant and Machine Operators and Assemblers/Elementary Occupations/Male/Female/Unemployed for the First Time
[Category] : Energy » Energy Balance Table by Region [Region] : Qinghai Province
[Collected Time] : 1/2009[Source] : China Energy Statistical Yearbook 2008
[Statistics Keys] : Total Primary Energy Supply/Indigenous Production/Recovery of Energy/Moving In from Other Provinces/Import/Chinese Airplanes & Ships in Refueling Abroad/Sending Out to Other Provinces(-)/Export(-)/Foreign Airplanes & Ships in Refueling in China/tock Change Input(-) & Output(+) of Transformation/Thermal Power/eating Supply/Coal Washing/Coking/Petroleum Refineries/Gas Works/Coke Input(-)/Briquettes/Loss/Total Final Consumption/Farming, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Fishery & Water Conservancy/Industry/Non-Energy Use/Construction/Transport, Storage and Post/Wholesale,Retail Trade and Hotel,Restaurants/Residential Consumption/Urban/Rural/Other/Statistical Difference/Sum of Consumption
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reports) Result Pages:  1 
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