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Our search features offer several ways to find the statistical report which best fit your needs.

The "Search" engine in the header of every page finds statistical report containing your keywords in the Title, Statistics Keys, Subject, Source and other relative information.

When you click on "Advanced Search", additional search options will be available, e.g. you can search by sources, within categories, within regions, and within certain data collected time. You can also choose our default search engine or Google search engine here.

Here are some basic search guidelines on how search works:

•    Keywords may be separated by the Boolean operators AND and/or OR for greater control of the search results. For example, China AND Insurance would generate a result set that contain both words. However, for China OR Insurance, the result set returned would contain both or either words. If no operator is used between keywords, search defaults to the AND operator.

•    Exact matches can be searched for by enclosing keywords in double-quotes. For example, "china insurance" would generate a result set which match the exact string.

•    Brackets can be used for further control on the result set. For example, China and (statistical or environment or "financial service").

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